Our offer for automotive sector contain sort of services and measurement which can help to optimize durability and dynamic properties and comfort of driving.

  • Durability
    • Strain gauge measurement during exploitation – allows to evaluate durability parameters with regards to fatigue strength of construction.
    • Evaluation of dynamic loads – forces, bending and shear torques,
    • Evaluation of stress distribution in component working under varying temperature condition e.g. intercooler, heat exchanger.
    • Vibration and durability tests (performed on shaker and durability test rig)
  • Vibroacustics
    • Vibroacoustic tests in order to determine the contribution of each component in the overall level of noise and vibration generated by engine, suspension, gearbox, in the time domain and engine speed domain. This approach can help to eliminate driving comfort issues.
    • Identification and solution for noise and vibration issues.
  • Thermo-vision measurement
    • Temperature measurement in specific points as well as distribution on several components.
    • Quality check of thermal isolation and electrical connections.
  • High-speed camera
    • Measurement of high-speed phenomena and analysis of visual information ( e.g. behavior of wiper on front window during working)