Our offer for energy sector:

  • Durability
    • Measurement on parts of pipelines and components which are subjected to high temperature.
  • Dynamic measurement
    • Driving point measurement (local stiffness measurement),
    • Identification of natural frequency of rotor blades,
    • Consulting in accordance to generator tuning,

  • Noise and vibration measurement
    • Operational measurement of energy blocks while starting, in normal work conditions and under varying load condition.

  • Diagnostic
    • Vibration measurement, diagnostic, alignment and balancing of rotating parts e.g.: industrial fans, pumps.
    • Turbine noise measurement. Consulting and designing of sound and vibration absorption housings.
    • Turbine balancing and measurement of turbine startup.
  • Thermovision
    • Thermal diagnostics of : electrical installation, control units, thermal diagnostic of bearings, localization of moist and wet places on pipelines and heat line.