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Our offer for industry sector:

  • Vibroacustic measurement – evaluation of vibration and noise during dynamic load condition (e.g. rotating machinery, industrial installation),
    • Durability measurement of structures e.g. paper machines,
    • Dynamic tests – operational and experimental modal analysis,
    • Diagnostic and evaluation of work condition – transmission unit, bearings, motors. Identification of damage and deterioration of work condition base on monitoring of: temperature, vibration, noise:
      • Lack of alignment
      • Looseness
      • Wear of bearings
      • Looseness of bearing housing
      • Insufficient lubrication
      • Wear of clutches
      • Wear of gears
      • Resonances
  • Thanks to modern measurement technics we can offer for our customers:
    •  information about work condition of interesting object,
    • evaluation of reliability and safety of work,
    • detection of potential hazards,
    • evaluation of dynamic behavior in varying work condition/loads,
    • evaluation of durability parameters,
    • identification of vibration and acoustic problems,
    • help in design process of new machine/components.
  • Benefits:
    • optimization in terms of durability and reliability,
    • early damage prediction which can reduce cost of service work,
    • elimination of vibration and acoustic problems,
    • work efficiency optimization,
    • reduction of cost thanks to minimizing unplanned maintenance stops.