Clearance gauge measurement systems

To meet the growing demand for transport of oversized cargo, RCC Nova brings innovative systems for the railway.

We are developing the system for loading gauge overruns measurement, based on high-accuracy laser scanners integrated with a vision system. Our technology will provide significantly higher accuracy, performance and reliability compared with conventional methods of measurement.

Our goal is a comprehensive solution customized to individual requirements, including software for data processing and report generation. Integration with a rail scale or a railway lines database will be available as well.

Load geometry measurement system

Main features:

  • automatic determination of the local loading gauge violations,
  • measurement regarding variable cross section along the gauge
    (e.g. EN 15273-2),
  • flexible stand design depends on the customer needs,
  • data visualization & report generation,
  • ease of use.


Technical features:

  • laser scanners with excellent accuracy, resolution and scan rate,
  • vision system using sophisticated algorithms,
  • automatic measurement triggering.