RCC Nova proposes engineering support
in area of structural and dynamic durability,
vibroacoustic and derivative branches

Durability measurement

Measurement with strain gauges can help to evaluate the endurance and safety at work during normal exploitation. This approach works well for structural and thermal load. We perform tests with strain gauges installation with classical and telemetry method (strain measurement on rotating elements). Strain gauge measurement can also help to verify results from finite element analysis.

Vibro-acoustic measurement

Measurement and advanced analysis on noise and vibration field. The aim of this is not only evaluation of level of vibro-acoustic interactions but also deep analysis, evaluation and distribution of sources of noise and vibration. The information which can be obtained in this way may point the critical localizations on the structure, where the emission of noise and vibration are the highest. We offer technical support for modification of the structure, optimizing dynamic parameters and reduction of noise.

Structural analysis

Experimental and operational modal analysis – this type of analysis work well for object which are subjected to dynamic excitation (in frequency domain). As a result of the analysis we determine the dynamic properties of the object and on this basis, we define the current state of the structure. The final results of this analysis can help to predict time when conservation work must be done.

Dynamics tests – measure of vibration acceleration

This kind of measurement can help to evaluate dynamic behavior of working machine, vehicle or device in terms of endurance and safety work. Moreover it is possible to assess exposure of human body on vibration according to current standards like ISO.

Environmental noise measurement

We perform measurement of environment noise and interior noise of living space in accordance to current requirements of the standards and regulations. 

Vibration test

We perform vibration tests on electrodynamic shakers. Based on those tests it is defined, if tested object endure “n” assumed hours of operation and if needed, if it function properly during the vibration test.

Evaluation of machine and equipment condition

On this field we perform balancing and alignment of e.g. turbine, fans and other rotating devices. These methods can help to increase persistence and reduce cost related to unplanned breaks. Moreover, we provide measurement of vibration of bearings in higher frequencies, including estimation of degree of bearing damage and preparation of detailed maintenance plan. This approach is important in companies with large machine park, where those require regular inspections.

High-speed camera recording

We record occurrences such a crash tests, fast assembling processes, shots, explosions. High-speed recording provides precise observation and analysis of process which allows to capture and understand eventual malfunctions and problems.


We perform measurement of thermal phenomena along with analysis of temperature distribution (buildings, control units, electrical cabinets).

Visual monitoring

Recording with use of industrial cameras, frequently mounted in spots and locations that are unavailable for operator/user in normal operating condtions of the machine or vehicle.