Durability measurement

Strain gauge measurements allow to measure deformation in construction elements. Based on strain measurements other quantities, like force, torque, pressure, temperature can be determined.
Strain gauge measurements are widely used for state stress analysis in single component of machinery, vehicle and building constructions. This method allows to evaluate the endurance of materials in static and dynamic conditions. The information which are gathered during this kind of measurements can be also used as an input data for fatigue analysis.
Moreover, strain gauge measurements are used for indirect designation of forces and moment of forces in operational conditions. (e.g. on suspension systems, on fixation of components).

Strain gauge measurements are used in the construction design in the following aspects:


Determination of strength parameters of the test structures (for example, railway construction, automobiles, machinery).

  • Static and fatigue analysis of the structure,
  • Evaluation of safety and durability of tested object,
  • Validation of the results received from FEM analysis – stress levels of the construction obtained by numerical analysis should be verified by comparing the values with results of experiment.

Thermal stress analysis

This kind of strain gauge measurements work well on heating installation, pipelines, boilers, heat exchanger subjected to shock thermal loads. Stress measurements base on this method (using a dedicated, high precision strain gauge with precise thermal characteristics) together with measurements of temperature in place where strain gauge are installed, allow to observe transient states in loaded structure.


Determination of loads (forces, bending and torsional moments) in the structure during operation.

Result of the tests serve as an input information to determine the boundary conditions in numerical analysis (finite element method). Reliable input data for numerical analysis are the basis for a correct strength or fatigue simulations.


Telemetry system for strain measurements.

Telemetry system allows the wireless measurements on rotating parts in the machinery (e.g. rail wheels, axle mechanisms, rotating shafts). Wireless data transmission is necessary for measurements in applications where wiring is impossible due to specific operational conditions.

Realized projects:

  • Identification of forces and moments of forces in parts of suspension system and body elements of modern vehicles – buses and trucks.
  • Evaluation of static and fatigue strength for military vehicle during driving on proving ground and fire tests.
  • Fatigue analysis of train platform,
  • Telemetry measurement of SUW 2000 system,
  • Thermal stress measurement of intercoolers (automotive sector),
  • Strain gauge measurements of rails suitable for high speed trains.