Environmental noise measurement

Environmental noise is understood as the unwanted sound (sometimes harmfull to human healt). It’s the common problem for lots of industry sectors. RCC Nova provide extensive knowledge in the field of noise reduction methods.

In area of noise reduction projects we offer:

  • Environmental noise measurements in surrounding of machines and infrastructure that generate harmful noise.
  • Noise measurements at the workplaces
  • Noise measurements in vehicles interior, public transportation (buses, trams), and heavy-duty vehicles (trucks, excavators).

Results of the acoustic measurements allow to determine the noise sources and based on this information, to modify the structure in order to reduce the noise level. We perform full scope of analysis regarding acquired acoustic data.

Our offer include the following services in area of environmental noise protection:

Measurements and evaluation of noise in environment

  • Noise emitted by industries, electromagnetic lines, etc.
  • Traffic noise (from road and rail vehicles)
    24h noise monitoring

Measurements of industrial noise (machines, devices)

  • Evaluation of noise coming from machines
  • Evaluation of noise In accordance to standard 2000/14/WE – for CE certificate
  • Designation of acoustic power of machinery
  • Vibro-acoustic diagnostics of machinery