Evaluation of machine and equipment condition

RCC Nova perform professional machine diagnostic and evaluation of machines working conditions. The scope of work cover balancing, alignment of rotating elements, diagnostics of bearings in industrial machinery.
Imbalancing of rotating elements leads to fast wear of bearings, couplings, clutches, fundaments, construction of building. Our services concerning evaluation of work condition helps to reduce the costs, save a time and to protect against unjustified maintenance periods. Diagnostic is performed without machine dismantling.

Our offer include:


Balancing of rotating elements

Evaluation of technical condition without machine dismantling, on-site (fans, centrifuges, compressors, pumps, turbines, electric motors, machine tools, transmissions, etc.). Balancing or alignment is performed immediately on request.


Diagnostic of rotating machinery

As the result we obtain:

  • Technical condition and renovation qualification
  • Detection and removal of dynamic imbalance
  • Detection and localization of any clearances
  • Detection of shaft curvature or misalignment
  • Verification of correct machine positioning and mounting

Bearings diagnostic

Bearing damages are usually caused by:

  • Mounting errors
  • Exploitation wear
  • Excessive vibrations
  • Improper lubrication and cooling

Diagnostic allow to evaluate the bearing condition and to plan correctly the bearings replacement. Nowadays, 40% of the bearings are replaced to early, and some of them, to late, just after the failure. Systematic control of bearings condition has significant influence in order to replace them at the optimum time. 

It’s quite important to make a bearing diagnostic systematically, with use of professional equipment and by experienced staff.