Structural analysis

RCC Nova perform structural dynamic measurements – experimental and operational modal analysis in energy, railway and automotive sector.

Nowadays the modal analysis is widely used for determine the dynamic parameters of the structures like: natural frequencies, damping factors and mode shapes. From maintenance and safety point of view this is really important issue because, working at one of the natural frequency may increase the amplitude of vibration drastically, which can lead to serious problems and may destroy machine in the future.

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The modal analysis results are used to eliminate unwanted dynamic behaviors like resonances. This modification is realized by changing the mass or stiffness of the object.



The modal analysis allows to verify project and if necessary, to make some modifications of the structure. Moreover, it’s possible to optimize the working conditions to make the machine safer, more reliable and quieter.


From years, there is many applications where modal analysis is successfully used. This method give really good results for bridge structure, all ground vehicles, parts of machines which are subjected to
Bridges, vehicles, machine components with dynamic load, are the examples of structures, for whom the modal analysis is successfully performed.
In machine industry, paper machine, with lots of rollers, cylinders and drums will be used as the example. Structural tests allow to estimate critical rotational speed of rollers, by identifying the first mode shape of those components. Another example is the energy generator stator, working under the dynamic loads of electromagnetic field. Identification of eigen frequencies of stator end-windings allow to tune the system out of the unwanted resonances.


Experimental modal analysis is one of the most effective tool to verifying numerical models. Those tests are important for complex objects, where the high compliance between simulations and measurements are important.

Realized projects:

  • Experimetal modal analysis of generator stator end-windings for energy sector, for new products and during maintenance of energy blocks.
  • Structural tests of paper machine components
  • Identification of eigen frequencies of rail bogie for public transportation (subway)
  • Experimental modal analysis of bus structure, in order to designate the noise and vibrations propagation.