Vibro-acoustic measurement

The main assumption of acoustic measurements, which are providing by RCC Nova, is to find and solve any acoustical problem regarding noise level measurements according to appropriate standards.

Vibro-acoustic measurement allow to identify the sources of harmful noise and vibrations. That kind of investigation ensure the solution for noise and vibration reduction.

The goals of the measurements and analysis:


The goals of the measurements and analysis:

  • increasing of driving comfort in trains, trams, vehicle , buses etc.
  • improve work conditions in industrial facilities,
  • reduction of vibration and unwanted vibro-acoustic phenomena in machines and in objects with rotating components (gears, motors, drive shaft)

Noise measurement:

  • Environmental noise ( industry, road, rail, aircraft),
  • Measurement of acoustic insulation of cabins and housings in free – free condition and in normal work place,
  • Noise measurement inside buildings,
  • Noise emission of industry installations and facilities,
  • 24 hours noise monitoring.

Realized projects:

  • measurement and analysis of vibration and noise in buses, optimization with use of tools dedicated to “test based” analysis and FEM analysis.
  • solving the local problems of vibration of single component in cars ( steering system, suspension, engine fixation),
  • determination of main sources of noise in industry machine,
  • Analysis of car gearbox in order to determine the dynamic forces responsible for noise and vibrations,
  • Evaluation of sound power of electrical motor.