Visual monitoring

RCC Nova offer vision monitoring system which can be successfully used to monitor vehicles and working machines. Our offer is addressed also to railway sector.


The aim of the monitoring system:

  • To protect the safety of persons and property
  • Obtain the evidence
  • Employee monitoring
  • Monitoring of the machines

We provide:

  • supply of equipment: cameras, power supply system, cables, recorder etc.
  • installation and tests of every newly installed system,
  • one year warranty of the system.

We provide high quality recorders and cameras suitable for work in harsh environment (e.g SSD harddrives). Moreover, monitoring system provided by us allows the remote mode to control recorder through internet.

Realized project:

  • monitoring of working pair pantograph – supply line,
  • monitoring of wheel – rail connection in train,
  • recording of the working machines,
  • passage monitoring in articulated tram.